Sierra Cottage

  • Sierra cottage porch view
  • Exterior front yard of sierra cottage
  • Outdoor dining room with a white table and decorative plant
  • Kitchen room with a white dining table
  • Up-close kitchen view with a modern fridge
  • Kitchen sink with a view in the outdoor dining table
  • Outdoor white dining table in a porch
  • Side view of an interior guest room
  • A wide view of the guest room with the opened front door
  • Living room with a gray chaise lounge and two blue sofa and a smart television
  • Changed view of the living room including the fireplace
  • A close up view of a living room's fireplace
  • Laundry room with a utility sink included
  • Full sized bed in a wide view including the bedroom's bathroom
  • Close up view of the full sized bed with a parallel night lamp
  • Bathroom's interior containing the shower, toilet and lavatory
  • Large bathroom with a glassed shower enclosure and wide lavatory
  • Close up view of the bathroom's lavatory
  • A wide view of a double single bed and an extra chair with a blinded window
  • Bed room having double single bed with a nightlamp lit in a dusk

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